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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Madi's New Wheelchair

After lots of back-and-forth with insurance, I am happy to share that Madi got her new wheelchair today.  She got her first at about 22 months old, her second a few years later, and this is her third chair.  She loves it and is very excited about it, especially because it sparkles.  We stuck with the Zippie Zone, the same type of wheelchair she had last time, but added a scoliosis back and foot strap.  We are saving her old wheelchair for our next little gal, so that she has something to use while we get insurance straightened out.  In the meantime, Conner is enjoying playing around with it (and is pretty bummed he can't use it out and about...).  The chair is a bit wider, but Madi is adjusting to it quite well.  Here are a few pictures of her new chair...

I also forgot I was going to need to bring 3 wheelchairs home... Madi's old chair, new chair, and Ramya's chair.  I discovered that I can fit 3 wheelchairs, with some wheels removed, but only 3 kids.  That sure won't work when our adoption goes through, so please join us in prayer that we can find a big enough vehicle to accommodate 4 kids AND 3 wheelchairs that is also affordable.  We may just have to get a big van for the time being and get something accessible later, which means continued lifting and hoisting of chairs, but thankfully that's something we are still able to do.  My dream car is a Mercedes sprinter or the new big Ford van.

(All 3 kiddos are in the middle row.  One wheelchair is sideways in the very back, then the other two in front).

It's been a busy few days with appointments, but it's so worth it!  We are thankful for such awesome care, insurance, and the ability to get equipment for our gals that give them FREEDOM!  

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Unknown said...

I want the big Nissan van. Not bad price wise when it comes to a big van and there are so many seat combos.