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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Therapeutic Riding Round Two... Conner Gets a Turn

The girls are really loving their therapeutic riding with Stable Influence.  Conner doesn't get to participate weekly, but they promised rides whenever they had an open horse for a bit (especially when he's a great helper and scoops the poop).  Today we got there a little early so he was able to ride and was thrilled!  He has his things too, like football, but it's still nice for him to get to ride sometimes too and feel included.  Here's a little video of his ride today...


Here's a picture of his beaming smile...

Ramya let David and I trade girls so today I helped Madi and he helped Ramya.  The got to work on holding the reins today and guiding the horse, which they loved. They also worked on balancing forward, sideways, and backwards.  Here are a few photos from their ride today as well....

We are so blessed to be able to have the girls in therapeutic riding.  It's so wonderful for them in so many ways!  

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