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Monday, April 21, 2014

Updates From Our Casa and Easter Picture Overload

I feel like I have SO much to update, but I can't think of it all right now.  Here's a few updates, though, that I can think of.....

1) I had Ramya tested for food allergies and food sensitivities, so both IgG and IgE reactions.  I had a feeling she had some allergies going on, as she would complain of a stomach ache after certain foods (like the pediasure the GI doctor told me to have her try) or would get diarrhea or constipated.  Sure enough, it looks like she has a lot of sensitivities going on.  Her big ones seem to be wheat, oat, egg, banana, beef, pork, and a few others.  The oat and egg are going to be very hard, as we aren't really a cereal family, so we mostly eat slow-cooked oatmeal, pancakes from scratch (which usually have some GF oat flour in them), or eggs.  She LOVES eggs and it's always my go-to when I need something for her to eat.  The beef is a big bummer because we buy local, grass-fed, organic beef and it's a good source of protein and healthy fats for her.  Luckily she can still have chicken, as she usually eats chicken pretty well.  I faxed our naturopathic doctor the results, as the testing was done through our pediatrician and local lab, so he's going to give me some feedback on the results so we can come up with a good game plan on how to structure her diet and dietary changes.  Luckily I'm no stranger to food sensitivities, so while I'm bummed, I know we will work through it and we will be fine.  I am curious to see how the changes effect her (emotionally, physically, etc...) and am praying for some positive outcomes. 

2) Madi's surgery date is officially set for Monday, June 2nd.  We were able to schedule for the anesthesiologist we requested, her neurosurgeon, and her orthopedic surgeon all at once, so that's a huge answer to prayer!!  Yeah!  Please be praying for minimal pain for Madi, a successful surgery, that she will not need the most aggressive and invasive surgery, that she will have even more function and feeling once she has it, that it will reverse her scoliosis, that she will not develop any infections, and that she will not need another.  Please also keep David, Conner, and Ramya in your prayers as they will be without momma for a bit while I am with Madi as she recovers.  Hopefully our hospital stay will only be 3-5 days.  Especially pray for Ramya, as she gets very disregulated when I am gone and her behaviors are intensified for a bit once I come home.  Please pray God will give her peace and that it will not be stressful for her, and that she will transition to my leaving and coming back well.

3)  We have not been to Boston yet, but will be headed there in mid-May.  We already know that she needs surgery, it is very obvious.  This appointment is to help us decide specifically HOW to do the surgery and how aggressive to be (you can read about this more in a post a wrote about a month ago by clicking HERE).  The reason we are going to Boston is because they have the top neurosurgeon in the Country there, and we want to know his opinion on how to do the surgery, so that we have clear direction on how to proceed.  We will not have the actual surgery in Boston.  Our neurosurgeon, Dr. Moss, is amazing and we trust him completely with this surgery.  Because how we do the surgery will be up to us, though, we want to get another opinion so that we can feel confident in our decision. Please be praying that we will get the answers we are looking for and that God will make it very obvious which route we are meant to go.

I think that's about all the updates I have for now!  We had a very blessed and wonderful Easter day with our families.  Here are some pictures from our day...

The kiddos with David's grandparents, their great-grandparents

The kiddos and David's parents


I finally got a smile from him :)

Looking beautiful in the purple dress she picked out

We kept our hair bows in.... shhhhh... it's a secret! If you mention them, she will take them out.

This boy loves his candy!

Bunny ears!

Holding cousin Solomon... such a sweet baby!

The girls with my dad, Papa

Aunt Angi, Cousin Lauren, and the Squirrels, I mean Girls....

My brother, Uncle Tony, and Conner

Treats from Grammy and Papa

The Big Hunt


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