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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

An HKFO Kinda Day

Yesterday was an HKFO kind of day.  We had an appointment at noon with Ron Whiteside, who makes the girls leg braces for them.  We had to leave 30 minutes early to get there in time, so I packed a lunch to go and we headed out.

First Ron casted Ramya.  She currently has KAFOs (leg braces to the upper thigh), but they just aren't working well for her.  She walked in the orphanage, but was not taught how to walk correctly with the correct posture, muscles, etc..., spent a lot of time hanging on her crib, and also dislikes putting weight in her legs and using them, so they just aren't working well.  She also tries to do everything with her arms.  We (me and Tami, her physical therapist) decided that HKFOs (leg braces that go up above her hips) might just be better for her for now.  Eventually she can go back down to KAFOs, and the ultimate goal is AFOs for her, but we think we need to go up, let her muscles strengthen, get her posture correct, and all of that good stuff first.  Hopefully it helps her!  She does well when I am physically holding her body in the correct posture, but sometimes I actually have to use my arms for other things ;).

Next up was Madi.  Her HKFOs have been hurting her, so she has not been wanting to be up and standing.  She gets tight really fast, so being up is really important.  Not to mention it helps her bowels, bladder, bone density, circulation, hips, and so much more!!  Ron fixed those for Madi, so now she's a happy girl!!
That's all for now!  Tomorrow is Ramya's neurosurgeon appointment, so I'll be back with more updates soon :).  I pray you all have a blessed and wonderful day! 


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