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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Today was Ramya's 7 year check up with our pediatrician.  Our pediatrician is wonderful, and comes in fully expecting about a million questions and things to discuss.  He used to stand up for visits, but now just comes and sits down and asks what I have for him :).  He also respects our parenting and vaccination choices, and is always supportive.  I told him about our recent visits with GI and how I just feel like the doctor isn't looking at Ramya as a whole.  I talked to him about how she rates on the India growth charts, about her great diet full of extra calories and healthy fats (because this sneaky mom puts avocado and coconut oil and nuts/nut butter in about everything she eats ;)), and about how she doesn't love eating, but will eat the amount her body needs, because that is what is expected of her.  I talked to him about how she started out malnourished, possibly with malnutrition starting in the womb.  We talked about the fact that I don't know the size or stature of her birth parents, if her birth parents came from poverty, the fact that she DID gain 5 pounds and grow 4 inches this year, and pretty much anything else I could think of.  After my "presentation" he agreed that we do not need to see GI for now.  I am going to bring Ramya in for a visit every 3 months so we can check her weight, and he's going to keep an eye on her, but for now, he said we do not need to see GI any more.  Whew.  What a big weight off my shoulders (no pun intended!)!  Rejoice with me!!


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