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Monday, March 31, 2014

Our Appointment with Our New Orthopedic Surgeon

Today we made the trek down to Caron Children's Hospital to meet with Dr. Goggins, the doctor that we were hoping would take Dr. Segal's place.  Our appointment was at 3:15, and we live about an hour away, so we left at 2:15 to make it there in time.  We checked in right on time but actually didn't get to see the doctor until about 4:45, so it was quite the wait. I am happy to announce, though,  that we liked Dr. Goggins and plan to use him for Madi's upcoming surgery, as well as our future appointments.  He spent quite a bit of time with us and never tried to rush us along.  He was sweet with Madi and didn't seem to be bothered by her mini-meltdown during the appointment.  We talked about Madi's tight heel cord, the plan to fix it, the stander appeal we had in the works, her recent MRI, her scoliosis and tethering, and all of that fun stuff.  He is going to help us appeal her stander and seemed to have a good plan of attack.  He said he would write a letter with everything in it they were questioning so that they didn't have any more arguments, but is going to have his nurse help him with the logistics to make sure that it was done correctly.  I asked him to review her recent MRI and his findings left me quite hopeful.  He had a bit of a hard time seeing her scoliosis, as one scan stopped half way through where her scoliosis is located, and the other one started half way through.  He said he thought he was able to see it good enough, though, to see how she was doing.  Her spine is curved, but only down lower where the tethering is.  He said it was about 20% curved, which is a huge difference from the 50% we were told after her last x-ray.  Scoliosis between 20% and 30% can often be stopped, or even reversed, with the de-tethering surgery.  He also thought that the spine wasn't twisted/inverted, just curved from being pulled.  What amazing news!!  He also had a good plan for getting accurate x-rays in the future, so that we can better judge how her scoliosis is doing.  He's also on board with coordinating her heel cord lengthening surgery (the one he would do) with the spine detethering surgery.  The bummer is that she will have a cast on for 6 weeks, which will keep her out of the pool, but between the lengthening surgery and the cord release, we hope to keep her left leg/foot nice and flexible.

So that's that!  We have a new orthopedic surgeon and we are hopeful that we will get great care with him.  God really answered our prayers!  Thank you for joining us in prayer!


Unknown said...

That's great news! So happy it all went well! Why did you change doctor's?

Jamie said...

Our doctor left the state. We were very sad because we loved him.