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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Saying Good-bye is Hard!

A few weeks ago we found out Dr. Segal, the girl's orthopedic surgeon, is leaving to practice in another state.  I was really, really bummed, as he's seen Madi since birth, but I scheduled a last appointment with him to try and get our ducks in a row.  We were supposed to get in with him next week, and then he was going to move in four months.  It was important that I talked to him because he wants to do a heel cord release on Madi during her back detethering surgery, so we were needing to discuss that, but also trying to appeal insurance to try and get Madi's Rifton Mobile Stander covered, so he was going to do a peer-to-peer for me and try to get it covered.  Today I call to ask his nurse a question, only to find out he's gone.  Just... gone.  He left four months early.  I am  SO bummed.  Dr. Segal had a passion for kiddos with spina bifida.  He came to all the local spina bifida association events, speaks at the yearly spina bifida conference, and was always involved.  Instead of looking at my girl's diagnosis and level, he'd look at them for who they are.  This is something that so many doctors do not do, but it is so very important.  He was pro-walking, and was always supportive when we needed new leg braces or new equipment.  I am just heartbroken to have to see someone new, especially because I now have no idea who to choose for Madi's heel cord release surgery, and this person will be totally new to us.  Sigh.  Please be praying as we work through trying to find a new orthopedic surgeon, especially one that is pro-walking and will advocate for the girls.  I am hopeful that I have found one we will like, so I am going to try to get in to them ASAP.  I know God's got this, and He has someone amazing in mind for us, so please pray we find this person quickly (hopefully the person I have picked out will be wonderful!!), so we can have peace of mind about her upcoming surgery.  Thank you! 

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