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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ramya Turns 7!

Tonight was Ramya's 7th birthday party, and we had so much fun!  She picked a Hello Kitty theme, and really loved her cake and decorations.  It was a small but joyful celebration.  Now that the kids are older I have been letting them pick who they want to invite to their parties (I used to just invite all of our friends).   Ramya picked 3 kids, all from 2 families, so we had all of mine and David's family (which is a lot right there!), as well as two other families.  It felt odd not having all of our friends there, as we are blessed with so many amazing friends and are used to celebrating with them, but it was also nice having a small party, and Ramya was thrilled.  I think Ramya did better too, and wasn't overwhelmed like she has been in the past.  This week was also a super crazy one, and party planning was just, well, hard!  Monday was Madi's sedated MRI.  We left at 8 am and made it home at just about 4 pm.  Tuesday was homeschooling, physical therapy, a dentist appointment for David, and church group.  Wednesday was preschool, homeschooling, occupational therapy, and a GI appointment downtown.  Thursday was homeschooling, a dentist appointment for me, dinner at a friend's house who is moving out of town, and grocery shopping.  Friday was preschool again, homeschooling, visiting with a friend who is in from out of town, and then more grocery shopping, as well as making a gluten, dairy, egg free cake for Conner and Madi (I ordered Ramya's cake and it came out adorable!!!), making the food for the party, and going out to Indian food to celebrate Ramya's birthday, per her request.  I stayed up until about 1:30 am to finish the house and food, so that today could be a fun day.  We finished picking up the back yard and then headed off to see the Lego movie.  Conner, Madi, Ramya, and I had watched it with Hope Kids, but David hadn't gotten to see it yet.  He loved it!  Then tonight was the party, and we really enjoyed ourselves!  Ramya was just glowing and was so excited.  It was very sweet!  Ramya had requested hotdogs to eat, so we had brats, hotdogs, red pepper sausages, toppings for everything, coleslaw, pasta salad, quinoa salad, asparagus, baked beans, watermelon, chips and dip, and chips and salsa, and made it an All-American feast.  Here are some pictures from Ramya's special day

The centerpieces

Ramya's adorable cake from Cakes She Makes.  It was vanilla, just like she wanted!

Instead of goody-bags for the kids, I bought bags of cotton candy from the dollar store.  They were a hit!

I found this cute dress for Ramya on Amazon

Every birthday girl needs a crown!

Pinning the bow on Hello Kitty

David played too.  At first he wanted to be spun 32 times (I was spinning one spin for each year old someone was), but at 12, he called it quits :)

So many fun gifts!

Blowing out the candles....

Of course, no night goes by without a little silliness!


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