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Monday, October 14, 2013

Ramya's MRI Went Well

A big "thank you" to everyone who prayed for Ramya today.  Though an MRI is not a big procedure, undergoing sedation is never fun on a little one, and looking at those big machines can be scary. 

We got to Phoenix Children's Hospital (PCH) right about on time, at 6:00 a.m..  We were taken back about 5 minutes early and Ramya was prepped.  The MRI started at about 7:10 and lasted a little over an hour and a half.  I had prayed for a wonderful anesthesiologist, as I found that makes a big difference, and God gave us one for sure.  He was very understanding and made sure that I was there to make her comfortable while she was falling asleep.  Ramya was not too happy when the anesthesiologist tried to hold the mask to her face, so I held it instead while I held her hand.  I also sang to her to help calm her, which worked like a charm.  She was out before my first round of "Twinkle Twinkle" (her requested song) was over. 

When I had told the anesthesiologist I wanted to be there when she was waking up, he told me he thinks it's so much easier and less confusing on kiddos to have their parents there when they wake up.  I totally agree and wish all anesthesiologists agreed, because I've had to argue with them more than once!  After the procedure,they brought me to see her.  I got there when she was just starting to wake up but was still very out of it and hadn't opened her eyes yet.  After she started coming out of it, she cried quite a bit, and I just held her.  Once she fully came out of it I gave her apple juice and then she felt much better! They were able to start her IV in her foot after she was asleep from the gas, and I was so thankful for that (she needed contrast for the MRI).  It didn't bother her one bit when they took it out, which I was very happy about.

After the MRI we headed upstairs to visit a friend and her sweet baby who are at PCH right now.  Jemma is a week old and will have her first of many major heart surgeries some time early this week.  Please keep this beautiful little blessing in your prayers.  Please also pray for strength, endurance, and wisdom for her momma, who is there staying with her. 

After visiting, we headed home.  Ramya was very excited to be reuniting with Conner, David, and Madi.  She said she missed them at least 10 times while we were gone.  Tonight she was helping me set the table and I told her we needed 5 forks because we have 5 people in our family.  Then I asked her who was in our family, and she shouted, I AM!  Yes you are, sweet girl; always and forever!  I am so thankful that Ramya is home with us now and that I'm finally able to be there to hold her when she is upset and soothe her during her procedures.  It's a blessing to be her momma!

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