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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ramya's Adoption is Officially Official

Though we left India with Ramya fully adopted, it is recommended that you re-adopt in your state to make sure that everything is done correctly in the US as well.  Some states require you to re-adopt, and even though Arizona doesn't, going through the process is still a good idea, just in case you end up moving to another state where they would want it done.  For us, though, it was really important to go through with the re-adoption because none of the paperwork we have has her full name.  Everything just said "Ramya FNU" (full name unknown).  When we tried to get her a social security card and birth certificate, not having a last name was a problem.  This means we cannot apply for long-term care for her, as she doesn't have paperwork verifying her last name. 

Today was our official re-adoption day.  We headed down to court, which just so happens to be the same court building my parent's brought me to when I was adopted, and were granted a full adoption through the state of Arizona.  I didn't think I would get emotional, as it's been final for so long now, but just hearing the judge say that she was fully ours and hearing her full name read out loud brought tears to my eyes.  I had, of course, read on paper that she was ours, but hearing those words out loud really impacted me. 

The judge was really sweet and really went above and beyond to make it special.  They had so many families in and out, but she still took her time with us.  They asked us all the "legal" questions, and then the judge told Ramya that she had read her entire folder of information (and trust me, it was a big one!) and that she was a very lucky girl.  She told her that she could tell our family really wanted her and that we were the perfect for each other.  She then looked at David and I and told us that she knows we are very lucky too. 

Here are a few pictures from our special day...


Oh, and the middle name we chose for Ramya is "Lynn".  My dad's name is James and my mom is Lynda, so I was named Jamie Lynn.  When we were naming Madi, we named her Madilynn Joy (Joy is my mom's middle name), so she would have "Lynn" in her name as well.  To keep going with the family name of Lynn, we decided to go with Ramya Lynn.  I think it's just perfect for her!


Cassie said...

Yay! Congrats to you and your precious family. What a blessing.

Jill said...

Gorgeous! Congratulations!