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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Our California Vacation Part 2: Meeting Tracy

On our way from Disney to Carlsbad, we stopped at the beach and met with Tracy and her amazing family.  Tracy has 5 boys and her youngest son, Kumaka, rocks spina bifida.  They are working on adopting a really sweet little girl, Sophie, and get to go meet her in just a few weeks!  Conner really loved Kumaka.  He told me, "Mom, he has spina bifida.  I asked him if he wanted to be my friend and he said Y-E-S.  I think he's pretty cool.".  The girls had fun playing with Tracy and her family as well.  It was such a blessing to get to finally meet Tracy and her family.  Here are some photos from our beach trip...


And on that note, do you have $5 extra sitting around your house?  Or even $2 to spare?  Some extra change sitting in a jar?  Could you forgo one Starbucks, or one "extra" little treat this week, to help out the Jensen family?  They have 14 days left until they meet their sweet Sophie, but have a goal of $5,500 to go before they can bring her home.  $5,500 may seem like a lot, but if we all just give a little, I know it will add up in a HUGE way!!!  Please check out some fundraisers they have going on and consider donating to their family today. 

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