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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Our California Trip Part 3: The Beach

One thing is for sure, my kids LOVE the beach!  They are having a blast.  The girls like to play in the shallow water, but especially love the sand.  They could play in the sand for hours!  Conner loves boogie boarding and wants to go allllllll day long.  He's not a strong enough swimmer to go by himself, but happily lets me tag along.  Yesterday we got to meet my friend, Colleen, and her kiddos, at the beach.  She's a momma friend from Phoenix that moved to California earlier this year.  We had a ton of fun catching up and letting the kiddos play.  It always does my heart good to get some time in with  a good friend!  Oh, and the other day we went down and saw the Harbor seals.  They were so cool and the kids really loved watching them.  Here are some photos from our days at the beach...

Fish face!

(My little hamster shoved a huge piece of hot dog in her cheek at our picnic :))

(Madi wanted to see if she could fit in the cooler :).  She thought it was hilarious!)


(this picture has a funny story....  Conner dug a hole and Madi inched closer and closer to help and then fell in!  We were all laughing so hard, it was funny!  Madi thought it was just the best thing ever!)


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