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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rubber Ducks and Royal Purple Princess

The girl's chairs are FINALLY decorated... whew!  Remember how I said I'm really behind? 

Ramya's favorite color is purple.  She seriously loves purple.  She wants purple clothes, purple bows, purple plates, purple cups, purple ponies, and the list goes on and on.  So, of course, when I took her to Michaels, she picked purple decorations.  She is very happy with the new look.  She doesn't actually use her chair much at all yet, as she still has a little way to go with learning not to ride in front of cars, to stay by mom, etc.... and we also don't use our chairs in the house yet (we practice outside, though, so she gets to practice following directions and gets to practice controlling and using it).  I still carry her around quite a bit when we are out an about anyhow, so she really just doesn't need it yet.  She will be ready pretty soon, though, and she has some pretty decorations ready for her!  I think her decorations look like royal purple princess decorations :).  Here is her chair....


Madi surprised me by not picking out green decorations.  In fact, it took us about 45 minutes to find something she wanted.  She sure does know what she likes!  We finally found it, though; rubber ducks.  Yup, she found the baby shower section of Michaels and just had to have rubber ducks.  We found some cute ribbon to match, so she was pretty happy.  I wasn't sure exactly how I would attach them to the chair, but I was able to figure it out.  I used a needle and thread to puncture the ducks and tie them to the spokes, then secured them with hot glue (hot glue comes off the metal just fine.  We use it often for decorating the chairs).  Madi is now using the rims on her wheels, instead of the wheels themselves (yeah for cleaner hands!!!) and I'm not sure if the yellow ribbon on the rims will get in the way or not.  I guess we will find out!  It's easy to take off if it bothers her.  Here are Madi's new decorations...




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