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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Play-Well Lego Summer Camp

Conner just finished up his week-long Play-Well TEKnologies pre-engineering Lego summer camp.  He had a BLAST!  We actually signed him up for one more week of camp in July because he had so much fun.  There are a few homeschooling groups in Phoenix that meet weekly for Play-Well as well, and Conner is really excited to join a group.  Play-Well camp teaches kiddos how to bring Legos to life, using pre-engineering ideas and concepts, and it was right up Conner's alley!   I sent a camera with him so he could take photos of his work.  Here are some of the things he worked on...

(I asked Conner to tell me what his creations are)
"A belt and pulley car"

"A carousel that uses a connector to hold an Axel"
"Just a creation using bricks"
"A friction car"
"A tower with a working elevator"
"A balance for fighting robots"
"My fighting robot".

1 comment:

Annie said...

this is so fantastic!! Send me the info to the homeschoolers weekly Lego meet up, if you get a chance. Devin would be in little boy heaven :)