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Friday, December 7, 2012

Oh what a day!!!

Today did not go how I envisioned it would!  I'm beat! 

A few nights ago, Conner woke up saying "ow" and saying his knee hurt.  I brushed it off as growing pains, as he seemed better in the morning.  That evening, he was limping and wanting to be held, and last night he was up alllllll night long upset about his hip hurting (right hip).  I gave him Tylenol and it didn't even seem to take the edge off for him.  This morning I called the pediatrician and brought him down.  Conner's hip hurt so bad he wouldn't walk and I had to just carry him around all day.  He said his hip is definitely off, but wasn't sure why. Because it was only one hip, he didn't think it was growing pains. We did a blood draw to test some of his numbers and see if it could be viral and he also sent us down for an x-ray to make sure nothing was off there.  Nothing happened to Conner's hip (as in he didn't fall down on it or anything like that), so it would make more sense to me if it was viral.  He's been more sensitive and off the last few days as well. 

His x-ray came back fine, so he thinks he either sprained or pulled something, or he thinks it still could be something viral.  Once we get the blood test results back, we should know more.  For now, we're icing it and I'm going to give him some motrin before bed.  I'm praying it just starts resolving itself quickly!!

After I got Conner home we ate and I left him with David so I could take Madi down to Phoenix Children's Hospital for a neuropsych evaluation.  We are participating in a Spina Bifida research study and this is part of what they needed from us.  The study took about 2 1/2 hours.  Madi thought it was fun, because they "played games" the whole time, but I was bored out of my mind!  I should have prepared better and brought something to do.  I talked to the guy who is organizing the study the whole time, though, so at least I had someone to talk to.  They paid Madi $50 for her time, so I am debating if I want to let her do something fun, like a movie and dinner, with it, or if I should be practical and put it in her medical fund ;). 

So that's our fun today!  We are just now sitting down to dinner (it's 7:00) and then I think we are all off to bed :).  Please keep my little dude in your prayers!

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Amanda said...

what an exhausting day. Hope Conner is okay now!