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Friday, December 28, 2012

Oh My Sweet Girl....

See this sweet girl?

Yup, that's the one!  She decided this...
... My 4-month-old iPhone 4 that I got when we re-contracted with Verizon (thankfully it was free!!!)... Should go here...
Unfortunately I didn't sign up for Verizon's insurance or Apple Care (just learned about apple care a few days ago; about 4 months too late!!!), and also didn't have my phone backed up.  Verizon can't help me (though the very sweet man working at our local store tried SO hard) and the repair shop couldn't help me, so I have been without a phone for about a week.  Thankfully a friend let me borrow a phone tonight until I can get a new one.  I would just get some basic phone again, but iPhone 4's work in India (on Verizon's international plan), and since I'm headed to India without the family, I will need a phone I can take with me so that David can get ahold of me 24-7.  I think I found a used iPhone through a friend and, if/once I get it, I will be putting an otterbox on it and not letting adorable little girls use it unless they are sitting peacefully on the couch.  Lesson learned!  It's a good thing I love that little one so much :).
If you have tried getting ahold of me and couldn't, that's why! I now have the old phone activated, so I can get texts/calls again!

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