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Thursday, October 4, 2012

So How Soon Is Soon?

I heard back from WACAP today and...

Yes, you would need to wait for the court order first and they will then apply for her passport.
I’ll be sending you a travel packet soon. As soon as we have her court document, we can schedule a travel call and you should be traveling as soon as her passport arrives. I would estimate 4-12 weeks for her passport.
So what does that mean?  That means I could be traveling to get Ramya home in 4 weeks.  Of course, it could quite possibly be longer, but 4 weeks would be the earliest it could be. 
 I am a huge ball of emotion right now.  Everything is starting to hit me and it all is starting to feel so real.  I am so excited and thankful we will finally have her home, and I cannot wait for her to be here.  I am stressing about the things that need to get done, and am trying to take that one day at a time and just get my butt in to gear working hard(er) to get things finished.  I am nervous and scared about attachment and all the possible issues there.  I am overwhelmed thinking through Halloween, Madi's birthday, the walk-and-roll for spina bifida, Thanksgiving, Christmas, David's birthday, and Conner's birthday, and bringing home Ramya right in the middle of it all.  I am praying we get answers to what is causing Madi's seizuring before I get her, so that I dont' have to stress about that as well.  But, most importantly, I am amazed at how God has orchestrated everything to get her here and am thankful for His perfect plan.
So, if you see me within the next few weeks, and I look very frazzled, that's why!  I ask that you please give me grace and understanding during this time, and say a little prayer for all of us.  If you offer to help me, I will likely take you up on that offer.  If you can paint, hang things on walls, cut out blog entries for Ramya's adoption book (I have them printed), organize things, or play with my kids, I will hunt you down and ask you to come help ;).
So that's that!  I will update again when the court documents are received. 


Unknown said...

how awesome! Ramya is SOOOO lucky!

Anonymous said...

I will take Conner and Madi for a few hours one day so you can get stuff done!! Your doing a great job at everything Jamie! Conner, Madi, and ESP Ramya are some lucky little kids to have such a great mommy!!

ainemc said...

So exciting!!

Jill said...


Unknown said...

That is so exciting! I hope that you can get Madi's seizures figured out. My daughter is having trouble with what might be seizures but she doesn't have hydro.

Unknown said...

such wonderful news! Very excited for you!