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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Our Fun With the Kiwi Crate

We recently discovered the Kiwi Crate, which is a crate that gets delivered monthly with fun new activities to do with your kiddos.  Our first month was the Farmer's Market kit.  The kids really really loved it!!  It came with an apron, fabric crayons to decorate it, lacing fruits and veggies, pretend money to "buy" fruits and veggies from each other, and some extending activities (like making a market bag out of an old tank top).  Though these were all ideas I could have thought of and set up myself, it would have taken quite a bit of time, and it just would not have gotten done. 

Another thing I loved about the kit is that it got Conner doing things that normally would not have interested him (like "sewing" the fruits and veggies).  He loves to get mail and was so excited that he wanted to do EVERYTHING and spent a very long time on each activity!  Here are a few photos of our fun...

This month I forgot to take pictures, but the kit came with the materials to make kaleidoscopes and shadow puppets, and even included flashlights for the shadow puppets. The kids had a blast!!  If you would like to try out the Kiwi Crate, we can both get $10 off our order!  Our link is

1 comment:

Cassie said...

Love that you "reviewed" the Kiwi crate. I've pondered doing this...but I was unsure if it was worth the $$. Looks like your little ones enjoyed it.