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Thursday, October 11, 2012

An Update from the World of Neurology and She's Weaned

We went to see Dr. Condie (AKA "The Doctor with Spikey Hair" as Madi calls him), a neurologist from Barrow's Neurological Center that specializes in pediatrics and works out of Phoenix Children's Hospital, for our follow up from Madi's seizures.  Dr. Condie is amazing and answered all of my questions.  He would like to do a 3-day EEG on Madi to see if we can catch some of her odd night-time behaviors (like teeth chattering and the such) on the machine/video.  I let him know I needed it done ASAP before India, and he agreed, so we are hoping to get in by the end of October.  Other than the 3 episodes I posted about, she's had 3 nighttime teeth chattering ones episodes that didn't require rescue meds but that were just odd, and 2 throwing-up during sleep episodes that also didn't require medication.  He's not sure if they are seizures or not, so we are hoping it happens while she is being monitored.  I hope to know the date soon, and we will gladly welcome visitors (especially ones that come with food, since it will be hard for me to leave to eat)!

In other news, Madi is officially weaned (from nursing).  She wasn't quite ready to be done, but momma was.  She has been down to once a day for a long time, so it was an easy thing to cut off.  And, no, I never nursed her standing on a stool, in public past about the age of almost 2, or any of the other things the media says you do when you nurse past the age of 1 that make people look at you like you have 3 heads.  She's been getting constipated more easily now, so I've been slipping in extra probiotics, but mostly she's fared well. 

No adoption news yet, still waiting for those court documents to come in, but we hope to have them soon!  I'm starting the application process for my visa, and trying to keep things moving along.  I will update when I know more!

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