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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our Little Vacation

We weren't able to get away this year for long (we are saving our money and David's time off for India :)), but we were able to sneak in a little vacation to California to take the kiddos to Seaworld.  It was their first time there, and they loved it!  We stayed in Carlsbad at my parent's timeshare on Thursday  night and Friday night and enjoyed the beach.  On Saturday we headed over to San Diego and on Sunday we went to Seaworld.  We came home Monday, but stopped at Seaport Village on our way out.  It was a really fun weekend (and a good distraction to my wondering how our first India court date went ;)).  Here are some photos:

Exploring a cave with momma (he got his cast off on Thursday before we left but needed more time to heal so they splinted him again.  At least now we can swim and bathe again!!)

Look mom, I found a snail!

Hanging out with Papa at the beach:

Sea Lions!

Never too big for the Toddlerhawk and cuddle time with momma!  Moments like these don't happen often any more, so I treasure them!

Conner's first boogie bording trip!

The beach was COLD!

Madi made a sand turtle!

Madi was playing her new dollar store guitar and was singing for papa... too cute!!


Touching the starfish (conner wouldn't hold them)

Papa, Grammy, Kyla, Grandad, and Grams all came!

Madi loved touching and holding the starfish

Madi's new "baby", which she named "Woo Woo Wa Wa Woo Woo Wa Wa", and had to strap in to her wheelchair with her, of course!!


Touching stingrays

Best of friends!

Our new boyfriend

Watching dolphins with Grams

Dinner with Deana, my birth mom, Lindsay, my half sister, and Nathan, my half brother

P.S.  As if I wasn't already, I am officially a PRO at cathing on the go!  We were almost never in our room!

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