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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Conner's First Cast

Our lastest round of doctor's appointments and hospital visits weren't for little Madi this time.  Conner couldn't let Madi get all the attention, so he had to catch up a little bit :).

On Thursday Conner was playing with a friend and her parents at the park.  He fell off the monkey bars and was really upset (like throwing rocks and yelling that he wanted to go home... oh boy was I embarrassed!!) so they called me and I had David go get him (I had the flu).  Once he got him home he was still upset but did calm down quite a bit.  He had a scrape on his wrist but there wasn't any bruising at all and not any significant swelling.  I thought it looked a little swollen on his wrist under his thumb, but David thought he was just upset because the scrape hurt, so we decided to just watch him that night.  He was up on and off most of the night and was not sleeping well, even with a dose of tylenol and ice packs.  The next morning I called the pediatrician, who told me they don't have an x-ray machine, so to go to urgent care.  I woke up Kyla to play with Madi and drove Conner down to Mendy's Place, an urgent care for kids that is close to our house.  They took x-rays on his wrist, and sure enough, he had a fracture.  They splinted him and told us to follow up with an orthopedic surgeon within a week.  I called Dr. Segal's office, since he's our go-to orthopedic surgeon, but he was booked up, so we made an appointment with one of his associates.

Today we went in and they put a more permanent cast on him.  He only needs it for three weeks, then he can get it removed.  He happened to get the fracture in a good spot that heals really quickly, so that is great!  He's bummed that he can't swim, but he is loving getting people to sign his cast.  Overall he's handling it really, really well!

Here are a few pictures of Conner getting his cast:

The doctor told Conner there are 4 rules to getting a cast:
1)  Do not get it wet
2) Do not stick things in there to itch it (no legos he said!)
3) Do not hit people with it (especially your sister)
4) Cleaning your room helps it heal faster, so help mommy out a lot

I think rule #4 is my favorite!  We'll see if it works ;).

1 comment:

ksivey said...

Oh Jamie! I am so sorry for your little man. I'm glad that he is doing well, but it is always so sad to see our babies in pain. In an interesting aside, Dr. Segal was the Dr. who sent us in the right direction to getting Ada's condition diagnosed. He was the only person who had even heard of SMMCI, though it was totally unrelated to anything orthopedic ;P I threatened to submit him to that "Mystery Diagnosis" show, and he was horrified. :)