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Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Love Seeing Her Name Written That Way

Today wasn't the best day ever.  While we were out to pick up my car from the mechanic, we were involved in a minor accident.  A car ran a red light going about 45 and t-boned another car that had the green light.  The car that got hit ran in to our car (we were stopped at the light) twice.  No one was hurt, but it did scare the kids.  We had David's moon roof open and glass from the windshield of the car that hit us came in through it, which frightened the kids (but thankfully did not hurt them!!).  Anyhow, obviously not the funnest morning.  When we got home later this afternoon, however, we came home to this...

(I crossed out some of our last name and the orphanage name, just in case, since I'm not sure what the adoption agency's rules are on sharing information)

What a great thing to come home to!  I love seeing her name written with our last name, it makes it seem so much more real.  The CD contained a new video of Ramya.  We all watched it and it was awesome getting to see how she is doing.  They had her AFO's on her, which is great, and she was speaking some English words to them.  She is a smart little cookie!  We can't wait to bring her home!