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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Our Current Fundraising Adoption Goal

I just got our final bill from WACAP.  Unfortunately, this doesn't mean we are anywhere near done fundraising and paying for the adoption, but it does mean after we pay this bill, our WACAP fees are fully paid... WOOO HOOOO!  We will still need to raise/save about $5,000- $8,000 for a lawyer to do the adoption here in Arizona (I am hoping to find someone who will do it for less!!) and our travel fees.  Travel will be 4 tickets there times $1,500 a ticket, and then 1 return ticket home, about $750, for Ramya (about $6,500 for airfare).  We will also need food, transportation, etc... in India.  We also need money for her visa and the kid's passports.  The good news is, we have quite a few months to save it that portion up.

Here's what our current fundraising/saving goal looks like:

$2,300 Final WACAP bill
- 540    My babysitting money
- 100    From the Zupko family (THANK YOU!)
- 60      From the Merkel family (THANK YOU!)
- 65      Raised from selling bracelets so far
$1,535  to go on our current goal
-210     bracelet sales
$1325   to go!
-58       thirty-one fundraiser
-10       donation
-50       donation
-20       bracelet sale
  $1,187 to go!
-25      bracelet sale
-$30    bracelet sale
- $27    bracelet sales from church
-$25      generous donation
-$14      another generous donation
- $5       bracelet sale
- $71.40 bracelet sales from church
- $20      bracelet sales
-$10.05   Church bracelet sales
-$607.00  Babysitting
-$150.00  Selling our old stroller
-$65          Play kitchen sold
-8             Bracelet sales
-25           clothing sales
- $100     fencing sold
- 5.00      clothing sold


To read about our current bracelet fundraiser, and to see an update on how many we have sold and our total earned, please click HERE.

Thank you for following our journey, praying for Ramya and our family, and for all of your support!!  We couldn't do this without you!

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