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Monday, February 6, 2012

Dear Ramya,

My heart aches not having you here.  Not a day goes by that I don't think about you and pray for you.  I am doing everything within my power to bring you home and I cannot wait for the day they say you are ours!  I wish there was a way to get you home faster, but I am trying to trust that God has a plan and that His timing is perfect.  

You have so many people that love you already.  We have been having garage sales and selling special bracelets to help raise the money we need to get you here.  So many people have generously donated their time and treasures to help us.  We are already over half way to our goal!!  We are blessed beyond measure to have so many people supporting us and walking this journey with us.  We are all excited to bring you home.

Today the local consignment store that I love, Hissyfits, was having a big sale, and I had store credit, so I went shopping!  When I prepare to bring you home, I feel closer and more connected to you.  I found a lot of cute clothes for you, and I cannot wait to put you in them!  You are such a beautiful girl and it's going to be so fun dressing you up!  I do not know what size you will wear so I got a few different sizes.  If they don't fit you, don't worry, your sister can always wear them.  Maybe you two will be the same size for a while!  I think you will like Hissyfits.  Conner, your brother, and Madi, your sister, love to go there and pick out new clothes and toys.  I am also working on getting you an Ergo carrier.  I am going to buy one from my friend, Marissa, and it should work perfect for you!  My friend, Amanda, said that there are no sidewalks in India, so bringing a wheelchair for you and Madi won't work.  I plan to carry you on my back so that we can see the city together.  Don't worry, I don't mind, I am excited to get the chance to be close to you.  I hope that won't be hard for you.  Snuggling is one of my favorite things to do!  Here is a picture of some of your new clothing...

I got you a cute, warm jacket, two pairs of pants, four skirts, two dresses, and two shirts.  I hope that you love them!  When we get you home, I will let you pick out some special outfits and some cute little shoes too.  Maybe we can even get you some cute hairbows and headbands! 

I am hoping to hear back on our i-800a paperwork soon.  As soon as we are cleared federally, we can get cleared in India as well.  Our paperwork is already in India, and your orphanage knows we are waiting (im)patiently for you, so hopefully things will move fast once the i-800a goes through.  Until then, we will continue to pray for you and dream about the day you come home!  We love you!

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Diane said...

read this early in the morning and i couldn't help my tears.. i cannot wait to see her homecoming, jamie! lucky is ramya for having such wonderful and caring MOM like you.. *HUGS!*