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Friday, December 16, 2011


It's always something!

A few days ago I got a document in the mail from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services department.  The form basically said that they received my I-800A (an application for determination of suitability to adopt a child from a convention country).  The weird thing, though, is that it went to my parent's address.  Huh.  I figured it was an error on their part and assumed they just accidentally sent it to my previous, instead of current, address. 

I called Jessica, our adoption coordinator through WACAP and told her about the error.  She gave me an e-mail address to e-mail the correction to.  Today, after a very long day, I heard back from her.  They said that I had written that address on my application as my address.  Ooops.  I have lived at my parent's house most of my life (my dad built it when I was 3 and I lived there until I got married), and we did live there after we sold our old house before we moved into this one, so I'm not really surprised that I messed up, but obviously that was a dumb mistake.  They say it's "very unusual" for an application to come in with a completely wrong address and told Jessica that basically they are worried we are being dishonest about where we live.  WHAT?!?!!??  Why in the world would we do that?  So now they have to wait to hear back from Oasis, who did our homestudy, to confirm that we do in fact live where we say we do (we do ;)) before they will update our address and continue with the application.

I really hope this mistake doesn't further delay our already delayed paperwork.  It just always seems to be something with us, and this isn't the first time something "very unusual" has popped up.  I guess we are just really special like that!!

Please keep praying for our Ramya, and that we get her home quickly.  Thanks!

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Unknown said...

so sorry jamie! how horrible for another set back.