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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our Trial Run With Two Needing Medical Care

Kyla, the teen staying with us for a bit, has been having some health problems.  She gets attacks of very intense abdominal pains that leave her in tears and unable to lay down or fully stand.  They have landed her in the hospital twice, and so far, nothing big has been found to be the source of her pain.  She's on a very bland diet and medication to coat her stomach, but so far, nothing is helping. 

While I was in the hospital trying to help Kyla get to the bottom of her pain, my mom and David did an amazing job taking care of the kiddos.  David learned how to cath Madi (though we'll save him doing it for times like this) and even got the kids down for a nap.  My mom came in the morning when David had to get up for work, and did a great job keeping them asleep.  She, of course, did an awesome job playing with them too, but that goes without saying!!

For those of you I owe phone calls and "thank you's" too, I promise, they are coming!  Between this, the flu, and Christmas, there hasn't been much time to catch up, but I'm getting there!  (Sue and Petey.... two of these people are you... you guys are such a blessing to me!!)

Please keep Kyla in your prayers and pray they can get to the bottom of this! 

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