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Friday, December 2, 2011

A Garage Sale Update

We had the first day of our garage sale today.  We were PACKED!  We sold most of our big items, and lots more too.  We had some generous and amazing people who gave just to give.  One man bought one bag of cookies and gave us $20.  A group of three women donated an extra $30 and someone put a $20 bill in our cookie money jar as well.  Then, tonight, as I got on to post this, I saw that my friend, Monica, send us an adoption donation as well.  Wow.  I was touched beyond words! 

I just wanted to say a quick "thank you" to those of you who donated items, baked goods, helped us set up, prayed for and with us, and who have been there to support us.  We are so thankful for you!!!

So without further ado.....

Our total today was $1,200 in sales, and that doesn't include the donation from Monica!!!!!!!!! 

We will go at it again tomorrow as well.  We won't have as much big stuff to sell, but we still have lots of great things.  A big thanks again to our village of support!

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