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Monday, October 10, 2011

Take that Spina Bifida!

I feel like Madi is saying, "Take that, spina bifida!"  in this picture.  This photo really captures her amazing little personality... she lives with so much joy, and brings so much joy to those around her!  She has such a great sense of humor as well.

P.S.  Madi's middle name is "Joy" after my mom (Lynda Joy).  I think she's living up to her name quite well :)

P. S.S.  There are actually Take That Spina Bifida!  shirts for sale for a great cause.  If you would like to check it out, head to


Colleen said...

That's an awesome photo, lol

Jessica said...

YEAH! You tell 'em Madi!

Joanna said...

She is a joy. <3 So sweet and stinkin cute! Take that SB is RIGHT! :)