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Monday, November 22, 2010

We're Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

We're back from California and had an awesome time!!  We did Disneyland, Legoland, and hung out at the beach.  Madi was not too fond of the rides at the parks, but thankfully we had brought her wheelchair and she had a blast zooming around and people-watching.  We knew Disney would be busy, especially on the weekend, and we were really unsure about bringing her chair, but it turned out great!  She did love "It's a Small World", but that was about it.  Vacation was fun, but being home is pretty awesome too!  Here are a few (ok, ok, a TON) of pictures from our trip.

Madi LOVED Minnie Mouse!

She also loved trying on hats

Someone made these adorable little gloves for her.  I have a hard time getting her to keep them on, but she is starting to ask for them, finally!

My favorite picture of us together.

Finally giving in and sleeping

Meeting my birth dad and his wife for the first time, very cool!

Dinner with my birth mom and half brother Nathan.  I got to meet him for the first time!  FUN!

He loves writing his name.... on everything!

Oh, I forgot, she also loved the train in Lego Land... the ONE ride she could go on!  

A swing on the beach... Madi's version of Heaven!

Conner's first bubble gum icecream.

I love this picture of David and Madi

Look at the seals in the background!

If you want to see more pictures, I made a little book for the kids.  I had a free book credit, and it sounded like fun.  Here's a link

And off topic but whenever I post, Amazon suggests I advertize with this CD.  I have no clue what it is, but it is called "The Gift" and I always find it so fitting, because Madi is such an amazing gift!


Diana said...

Fantastic pictures! So glad it was a great trip!

Kira =] said...

The book is adorable!!! so cute! Awesome trip!! =]