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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh Happy (Mon)day!

Madi is my superhero :)

Today I called United Seating and Mobility, which is where we ordered Madi's walker and wheelchair, and they said both are ready! We get to go pick them up on Monday! Woooo hooooo!!! I guess they were actually ready yesterday, so I'm not exactly sure why no one called me (especially since I've been calling and leaving messages) but I'm too excited to care. I'm also not sure why they said the walker has been ready but they were holding it until the wheelchair was ready, when they knew I was waiting for the walker to come in and said I wanted to pick it up as soon as it was ready, even if it was at a different time than the wheelchair. Oh well, like I said, none of that really matters any more. Tami is going to come with us and we are going to see about possibly getting Madi a set of arm crutches while we are there. Madi really doesn't want to use her walker, but also doesn't have enough balance to walk without it. We are thinking arm crutches might be a good solution. She said they have ones that you hold on to but that also go on your forearm so that you do not have to put them down when you stop to get something or work on something. I'm worried it will take them months again to get all of the insurance approvals and such, so I'm wondering if I should just put them on my credit card and let them reimburse me when insurance pays. Or I could temporarily take the money out of Madi's Amazon Associates account, then reimburse that when they reimburse me.

Madi has been practicing on the wheelchair we borrowed from the spina bifida association and has really been loving it. She gets to play with things and get in to things she couldn't on her own. She gets to see everything at a new level, and she also gets more independence, which is great! I'll update with pictures and videos when we have it!

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Diana said...

Ohh, fantastic news! :D