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Saturday, October 30, 2010

A few new pictures to share

Life is good!

Watching Conner play soccer and cheering him on

Go, Conner, Go!

And he's done.....

Conner has a good cheer section

Trying to coax him in to playing (didn't go over well)

At the pumpkin patch

Grammy and Papa came with us

When you tickled his nose, he made the funniest face.  This entertained us (ok, maybe me) for a loooong time

 I love cheesy cute smiles

Madi LOVED playing in the corn and was covered with corn dust by the time we left

 Madi loves her papa very much!

Of course she loves her grammy too ;)

Note to self:  When you have two adorable kids, and one is in a wheelchair dressed like tinkerbell, expect that EVERYONE is going to come up and talk to you and plan accordingly

Taking a ride on mom and admiring her new pumpkin

Madi let me put her hair up and actually kept it up for over an hour... our new record!

Pumpkin carving.... Madi chose a cat

We love family traditions (and Conner's eyes in this picture ;))

 How do you keep a baby entertained while you fill out paperwork, wait for testing, and wait to see her neurosurgeon?  Floss!

And maybe a funny mirror or two....

And who could forget the pretend corn?

1 comment:

Diana Baker said...

Love your pictures! Especially the Tinkebell one. Conner's hair looks very cute grown out. Thanks for sharing!