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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We got it!

We officially have our first "Disabled Person Placecard" as the call it, and can officially use handicap parking spots when we have Madi out and about with her wheelchair!  YEAH!!  They wouldn't give us an actual plate, since the car is not in Madi's name, so we have a placecard.  Without further ado, here is conner holding our new placecard.  Ignore his blue mouth.  He went on a million errands with me while Madi and David napped, and I let him pick a treat. Of course he picked the most artificial and chemically-laden one, a ring pop.


Colleen said...

Cute picture! One of the many perks of having a kid with SB. :) We first got ours when Nate was using his walker and it was just difficult carrying him and the walker and the diaper bag and the purse, while he wanted to walk by himself through the parking lot. It's been a lifesaver.

laura said...

I loved reading your daughter's story. Thank you for sharing:)