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Monday, September 20, 2010

And we have caths!

Woo hoo, finally!  I never thought we'd get SO excited about catheders!  At $1 a cath, and 4 caths a day, well, let's just say we were really praying all of the insurance stuff would get worked out so it was not out of pocket.  God is good, caths are here, and Miss Madi (and her very handsome brother, of course) is doing amazing!  What more could you want (ok, ok, I admit I DO want the wheel chair, bath chair, and walker we ordered over 4 months ago, but I'll take the caths for now ;))?

Madi "nursing" her baby

1 comment:

Kathy K said...

I came across your blog and follow it...My daughter has a 6 month old son with spina bifida. I am so concerned for both of their futures. Your troubles may help prepare me for what we are up against. But your daughter's smile is so sweet and wonderful. Hopefully, love and smiles will see us through.