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Friday, July 16, 2010

Wow, that was fast!

First a few pictures, of course :)

4th of July

Conner is so sweet with his 'sissy'

Madi loves her papa!

Daddy's Girl

Grammy is very special to Madi too!

Conner and Madi were in David's brother's wedding

Momma is so proud of her little girl!

Madi loves Uma and Umpa too!

Madi and her granddad

I talked to Ron Whiteside from Hanger, who makes Madi's AFO's and her parapodium, and he said he officially cannot make her parapodium any taller.  He thinks she has about 3 months left of wear, and then she will be too big for it!  Dr. Segal was going to write a prescription for Madi's HKFO's when she turns two, but I'm going to call and see if we can go ahead and bump that up.  She is mentally ready to walk, and wants to be "up" so badly.  She tries so very hard, too, but cannot get her body to do what she wants it to.  I feel that she is ready, and hope he agrees!  It feels like we JUST got her stander, though I suppose it was only back in February.  We are still waiting on her wheelchair and hope to have that soon.  I have been getting Madi prepared telling her how much fun she's going to have going "zoom zoom".  We even read the book Zoom by Robert Munch., which both she and Conner thought was hilarious!  When I met Robert Munch at a teaching convention the school I worked at sent me to, I had him dedicate the book to my students.  Who knew I would be getting someone so wonderful he could have dedicated it to!  I think I may write him, explain the situation, and ask if he can sign another copy for me. 

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