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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hoping she's just normal baby sick.....

Madi's been a bit off for the last few days. She has a stuffy nose and has had a few puking incidents. During the day, she seems ok, but at nap time and at night, she just is not doing well. She wakes up unhappy and does not even want to nurse some of the times. Her fontanel and shunt line feel good and her urine output looks good, but whenever she is off, I get nervous!! She also kept tapping her head, like she was trying to tell me it hurt. She does not have a fever, so that part is good, though she never has when she had shunt problems (even when she had the infection, but I think it was because we caught it so early). We are supposed to go out of town for a wedding this weekend and the wedding is in a smaller town. I have not looked at how close the closest children's hospital is yet but I need to. I know that we most likely will not need it, but it is something I like to do before we go on vacation anywhere, just to be sure. It's something Dr. Moss told me I should always do, and it makes sense, so I'm sticking to it, even if it does make me one of those crazy over-protective moms :). When you say your prayers tonight, please keep my Madi in them.... we covet those prayers!


Mr. and Soon - to - Be Mrs. Rogers Neighborhood said...

I have a shunt myself and when I was young my mom was told if I had a headache and was throwing up that I should be looked at as soon as possible. Not to scare you, but to give you advice from someone who has a shunt.

Kira =] said...

checking for the nearest hospital doesn't make you a crazy over-protective mom Jamie. It just makes you a smart Mom. of course we'll keep you in our prayers.