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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our Latest Amazon Purchase

We have been saving up the money we get from Madi's Amazon Associates account and are so thankful to have it!!  We have not bought much with it, because thankfully we haven't needed to, but we just purchased this for Madi...


Madi's physical therapist, Tami, wants Madi to practice climbing, since it will be important for her to learn to climb on and off of things.  It also makes her toddler bed accessable to her, as she will be able to get on and off of it independently using these stairs (if she ever chooses to sleep in it :)).  She can use them to help her crawl/climb on and off of the couch, our bed, her little table and chair set in the homeschool room, etc....  It is good for upper body strength too, which can't hurt.  We were stacking up stools, overturned bins, and other things, but it wasn't working very well.  I felt like they were either not stable enough, not wide enough, or she was banging her legs on them and they were too hard.  These were the cheapest, but also the tallest and most stable looking ones we could find.  Of course, insurance does not cover foam steps and things like that, so we got this with her Amazon money.  Thank you so much to each and every one of you who purchase through her link.  I know it seems small, but it is huge to us!!  I'll post some action photos and a video once we get them and Madi starts using them.  I'm pretty sure Conner will find them fun and entertaining too ;).

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Scasmflops said...

Congrats Maddi--- looking good climbing to new heights. :) I just noticed that our babies are exactly a year apart. Carson was born 11/11/09. A new heart connection we now have.