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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Ramya Turns 8

On Saturday Ramya turned 8 years old... can you believe it?!?!?!  Though she has only been home two years, we have been able to celebrate 3 birthdays with her.  She was just one month shy of turning 6 when she came home, so we celebrated 6, 7, and 8 with her.  I cannot wait until she has celebrated more birthdays home than she has alone!

Ramya requested a Rapunzel birthday at Peter Piper Pizza.  Though I despise birthdays at Peter Piper, I really wanted to have a big, fun celebration for her.  Her first birthday, at 6 years old, was small with only a few of our closest family members.  She had only been home a month and we were still limiting visitors. 

At 7, there were only two other families she wanted to invite.  Though her birthday was a lot of fun, it was small because she still didn't have many other kiddos she truly considered friends.

  This year, though, she was excited to invite a bunch of our friends, and we wanted to give her the big celebration she was wanting.  I also love that she has so many friends now, and is really feeling at home.  That, in itself, is deserving of a huge celebration If you ask me! 

Ramya had a blast and is still talking about her party.  We all left exhausted, but with happy hearts.  There's nothing more special that celebrating someone you love with those that love you! 

(My friend, Chrissy, made this AMAZING cake.  If you would like to look up her business, the link is....



Unknown said...

Hapoy Birthdat Ramya! it looks like a wonderful amd fun day! And Chrissy did an amazing job on that cake!

Karly Frazier said...

She looks happy! Her little outfit is so cute and of course the cake looks awesome!

Unknown said...

happy birthday Ramya, extra hugs from Julz (Raju;))