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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Cutest Little Ballerinas You Will Ever See

Madi has been wanting so badly to start dance class again.  The issue is, though, that she has a big desire to "dance on stage".  Though we LOVED our classes at the community center, there isn't an opportunity for her to dance on a stage.  I called a few local dance studios and they would not take the girls because of their wheelchairs, even though I offered to buy wheel slippers so they do not scuff up the flooring.  One studio told me they couldn't because they don't have special certification.  Well, neither do I!  This momma bear is now researching disability law and letters will be written to those studios... if anyone wants to help me with this, I will gladly take the help.  I wouldn't want to take the girls there after their reasoning anyhow, but I hope that if I kindly but firmly address the issue it will help those that come after us. 

I finally found a lady that was very excited to work with the girls.  The only issue is she used to be very active in Arizona but has moved to California.  She still comes back to Arizona to teach her students, but they have not had a big performance in Arizona in a few years.  I hope to help her fundraise so that Madi (and Ramya, of course, but it really is Madi's dream) can see her dream come to fruition.  I may also keep searching out a dance studio that will take the girls, but for now, they are happy, and that is what matters.

Ramya is also in dance for the first time and I am hoping it will work out well for her laso.  I was fully involved with the dance class and stayed on the floor with them and participated the whole time.  Still, when class was over and it was time for Ramya to transition back to me, it was hard for her and there was a lot of defiance.  I pray this gets better as she gets used to class and what to expect.

I just have to say, I seriously have the CUTEST dancers in the world!  They are still talking about class and asking when it is again.  I love to see how excited they are! 


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