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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ramya's Adoption Day Celebration

We decided that for Ramya's adoption day every year, we would use the day as a time to remember Ramya's story and to spend time together as a family.  I asked Ramya where she wanted to eat to celebrate, and she wasn't quite sure.  Conner suggested Indian food and ice cream, and her face lit up very quickly!  She loved the suggestion!  So, Indian food and ice cream it was.  We went to one of our favorite Indian food restaurants, Tandori Times 2.

When Ramya first came home, she wanted nothing to do with Indian food.  Things that were her favorites, like idli, didn't even tempt her.  After a few months, she started liking Indian food again, especially dosa and chana masala, and she didn't mind spicy foods.  Her tastes have changed, though, and now her favorites are saag paneer (which she used to not like at all) and naan.  She no longer likes spicy food and will not even eat things with a tiny bit of spice to them.  Thankfully she also likes my coconut curry chicken, which I try to make pretty often, since all my kiddos really like it. 
After dinner we went to a frozen yogurt shop where you get to pick your yogurt and toppings (then pay by the ounce) at her request.  She got vanilla yogurt with m&m's and was very happy!
After dessert we came home, got ready for bed, and watched the movie of our India trip.  She was very excited to watch it again and talked about all of the pictures.  Conner and Madi were very excited as well, and Conner kept putting his arm around her.  It was very sweet.  The three of them really do love each other very much!

I am almost done scrapbooking Ramya's adoption story, and we will add that in as well once it is complete.  I also want to make a book for her that has pictures and tells a simplified version of her story before coming home. 
Our time together was sweet and Ramya really enjoyed our celebration of her and our adoption!


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Unknown said...

So happy that she seems to be adjusting well, and having her own likes and dislikes. So sorry we're not there to see you all :(