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Sunday, February 23, 2014

New Easter Wheelchair Decorations

I took the girls to Michaels to pick new wheelchair decorations and they both picked Easter-themed decorations.  For the first time ever, they both also picked similar decorations!  The main difference was that Madi wanted frilly green eggs at the top and chicks on the wheels, and Ramya wanted no chicks on the wheels and birds on the back.  They are very proud of their new chair decorations!  I actually decorated them about a month ago, but I'm just finally getting pictures up for all to see :). 

Madi's Wheelchair...
(It's hard to see but the ribbon is chicks hatching out of eggs)
And Ramya's decorations (she also had two adorable bunnies at the top of her handle bars, but they got beheaded when her chair was getting loaded, so I had to take them off)



Mamitaliini said...

so cute did not came my mind i could decorated my own or my sons chair but maybe i take challenge and see what peace of art we can bring up our chairs

Unknown said...

I love the decoration of both Madi and Ramya’s wheelchairs. They look so very cute and lovely just like the girls. However, you can also get a portable shower wheelchair that will come handy for the girls.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much for great ideas, my little granddaughter is blind and in a wheelchair but I wanted to do something for her easter parade at school. Now my mind is alive with ideas.