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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cute New Shoes (AFO Friendly!!)

I have the hardest time finding the girls cute dress shoes that fit.  Madi has very short and "pudgy" feet, while Ramya's feet are thin, but shaped differently, bending and curving just enough to not fit in many pairs of shoes.  When we try to go shoe shopping, we usually have a hard time finding even 1 pair.  Though Ramya doesn't love shoes and doesn't get upset, Madi gets really sad when we can't find shoes for her. 

The girls don't really need them shoes walking, more for just keeping feet covered and cute (and warm in the winter), so I decided to look on Etsy.  I found a cute shop that sells hand-made shoes that are similar to Robeez.  I messaged the shop owner, and it turns out she happily custom makes shoes for kiddos, and can even make them to fit over AFOs!  It is SO hard to find cute shoes that fit over AFOs!  I'm not sure how durable these shoes would be for walking, but they are perfect for us.  Here is a link to the shop- .

The girls are really excited about their new shoes!


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