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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Conner Turns 7!

My big guy (I called him my little guy today and was told it was not ok, unless we were in a restaurant....) turned 7, and I just cannot believe it!  Time sure does fly!  I am so glad I spent all those hours rocking and holding him, because I sure miss being able to do that now.  Thankfully he is still sweet and cuddly with his momma.  He is such a fun kid.  He's always wanting to figure out how things work, he loves creating new things, and he has a great imagination.  He is very sweet to his sisters (usually ;)) and is a great brother.  He is a very caring and loving boy!

Conner requested a Pokémon birthday and wanted to go to Laser !uest with friends for his party.  We decided to have a family party and then a friend party.  He was a little bummed he had limited invites to his party, but had a ton of fun.  His friend party was on Sunday (last week), his family was on Monday, and his actual birthday was on Tuesday, so he loved that he got to celebrate three days in a row.  Here are some photos from his birthday...

The family party...

His funniest gift at the family party... Poo Pourri from my brother and his wife.  And yes, it really works!

Conner told me he wanted a Pokémon cake, but I had no idea how to make that happen.  Thankfully Michaels sells edible sugar sheets, so all I had to do was use their edible markers, draw Pikachu, cut him out, and put him on the cake. 

Laser Quest Friend Party....

They surprised him by spraying him with toilet paper (new, thankfully ;))

Happy birthday to my amazing boy!!

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Unknown said...

happy Birthday- sorry we weren't able to celebrate with you this year