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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Our Christmas Wheelchair Decorations

A few weeks back I decorated the girl's wheelchairs with the decorations they picked from Michaels.  They were a bit tricky to put together, but we made it work!  They LOVED their new decorations, and their smiles and cheers made it all worth while!  Here is the final product...

Here is Ramya's chair.  She picked all purple, of course :).  The lights are battery operated and really light up, which she thinks is amazing!

(someone gave Ramya this keychain so we added it for fun :))
Madi picked mostly green decorations, but when it came time to pick her ribbon, she just had to have pink reindeer.  It didn't really match too well, but she loves it, and that is what counts!




Unknown said...

I was looking for ways to decorate my power chair and found this adorable page. Thanks for the ideas! 😃

Anonymous said...

How did u stick-on the battery pack for the lights?

Anonymous said...

I used string to tie them on and reinforced it with hot glue :)