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Friday, December 20, 2013

So Many Recitals! Dance and Band and Church, Oh My!

We have been busy, busy, busy!  I have a lot to catch up on blogging about, but some of it will have to wait :).  In the mean time, here are some cute videos of the kiddos in their recent recitals.  The last few videos aren't really recitals, but Madi will put on a show whenever she gets a chance ;).

First off, here is Madi, dancing her heart out in dance class.  She sure loves dancing!  She uses her HKFOs and Rifton Dynamic Stander (mobile stander) to keep her standing tall with her friends.  She loves it and we are so proud of her!


Next up is Conner's performance at Branches Homeschool Co-Op, the homeschool co-op we go to on Thursdays.  He had so much fun and was so proud of himself.  We are really proud of him too!  The band also played at a local assisted living home, which Conner really loved, as did those that they performed for. 

He decided that next he wants to play keyboard, and I happen to know what he is getting for Christmas, so I think his dream will come true ;)


This is a little performance the kiddos did at Church a few weeks back.  The kiddos had a lot of fun, especially the girls.  Madi and Ramya both talk about wanting to dance on a big stage (like my niece... we go to her dance performances at high school a few times a year)... and they got their wish!

Here are a few cute little videos of Madi jamming on her new little Barbie guitar.  My mom got it for her for her birthday, and she loves it!  She is such a ham.  The first video is of her playing while she's standing in her HKFOs and Learning Tower.  The second video is of her jamming out after she got some fun colored hair, thanks to the hair chalk my birth mom, Deana, sent the kiddos.  She said she had rock star hair, and decided to make up a rock star song to match. 



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