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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Join us for the 2013 Walk-and-Roll for Spina Bifida

It's that time of year again!  We are officially gearing up for the 2013 Spina Bifida Association of Arizona's Walk-and-Roll for Spina Bifida.  This is a really fun event that our family enjoys, and we are SO excited to get to walk with BOTH of our amazing little girls this year!  What a blessing! 

The Spina Bifida Association of Arizona was a great support when we found out Madi would be born with Spina Bifida.  They put us in touch with people that we could talk to who had little ones with spina bifida as well.  They also reached out to us when Madi was born and we were in the NICU. 

I feel like many organizations push awareness about the importance of taking folic acid for prevention, and then just kind of stop there.  As we all know, you can eat a super healthy diet, be on prenatals before you conveive your little one, and still have a child with spina bifida.  I know that was the case for us.  I had been on prenatals for years before conceiving Madi and never took any depression medication or other prescribed medication (some medications have been linked to spina bifida), ate a healthy diet, etc...  Madi was just meant to be the perfect, amazing little person that she is, and we are so thankful for her!

One thing that I appreciate about our local chapter is that they don't stop with prevention.  They have many, many activities to help enhance our kiddos lives.  They give away adaptive bicycles, have support groups, throw a yearly Christmas party, and have many other events and ways to connect throughout the year.  Sharri, from our local chapter, has even come to visit us in the hospital.  They really do care!

Please help us give back to our local chapter by donating and supporting our team... Team Double Trouble.  You can donate through our link, but we'd also love for you to join us for the actual walk.  This year the walk is Saturday, October 12th at Steel Indian Park. 


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Unknown said...

How wonderful, Jamie!!! I will be doing a virtual run with/for Madi (and all of you) that day!!! (...and making a donation soon!) Such a blessing!