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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

And we have... puberty

We went in to the endocrinologist to get the test results from Ramya's outpatient procedure a few weeks back.  Turns out Ramya is in full blown puberty.  Sigh.  It's hard to look at a sweet little girl who is 6, but mentally about half of that, and think about puberty.  It's just not... natural.  The doctor want us to get Ramya an MRI to make sure she doesn't have any cysts or masts that could be triggering it.  Most likely is from her hydrocephalus, but they don't want to just assume it is miss something, so they want to check and make sure.  I know that Dr. Moss, our neurosurgeon, wanted to check her for tethering in about 6 more months, so I'm going to see if we can go ahead and just check both things at once, since I'd hate to sedate her twice. 

The doctor wants to start her on a low, steady dose of hormones to level out her hormone spikes and gave us a few options.  We are looking in to those now and trying to figure out what is best for her.  If anyone has any advice there, please let me know!

Though It's hard to think of Ramya going through puberty so early, I'm actually quite relieved to know why she's developing so that now we are able to form a game plan on how to stop it.  I was more worried that her tests would come back fine and we would have no idea what was causing it.  Now that we know what it is, we know how to handle it, and that is awesome! 

In other news.....  we have been homeschooling now for almost 3 weeks.  I was feeling discouraged because Ramya and I will spend an entire week on one letter/letter sound.  We will write it on the whiteboard, play starfall games about the letter, do handwriting games that tell the letter word and sound, practice it multiple times, read alphabet books, write it in salt, write it in sand, form it out of manipulatives, make it out of play dough, cut pictures out of magazines that start with the same sound, etc.... and when Friday comes, or the week has passed, and I show her the letter again and ask her what it is, she will often say, "I don't know."  I was encouraged, though, when I saw her write the letter "A" on our whiteboard all by herself AND tell Madi it was the letter A.  Go Ramya!!  God knew just the enocuragement that I needed and I'm very proud of her!

Today we had ice cream... YUM!!  Ice cream makes everything better!


The Evenstar News said...

Do you have access to functional med doctor or chiropractor? They would be helpful with natural alternatives. Also, paleo moms web site is super helpful and she answers email questions pretty promptly

Unknown said...

Such a sweet family! I love reading about your life ... Thank you for sharing! Will keep all of you in my prayers. ~Cindy

Jamie said...

Thanks, I am hoping to hear back from our naturopathic doctor soon to see what he recommends. We are gluten and dairy free, organic, etc.... But I am planning to get a paleo book for some more recipe ideas. I'll have to call our chiropractor and see if se thinks she can help. That's a good idea!

Jill said...

Wow! What an unexpected answer! I'm happy that you know though and that you can move forward from here. So great to hear that she's learning. :)

HennHouse said...

Esther-Faith is in puberty, too. She is seven. She will have surgery in two weeks to have an implant of SupprelinLA. She will have the implant every year for three to four years. We have an AMAZING endocrinologist. She met with Esther-Faith (and us) and let EF decide if she wanted to have her whole body put to sleep or just her arm. She talked TO our girl and made sure both she and we understood everything. Her surgery is September 12. Feel free to email me (KarinShireyHenn (at) gmail (dot) com).