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Monday, July 1, 2013

Vesicostomy Surgery Success

Today was Madi's vesicostmy surgery.  Check-in was at 8:30 and we were actually on time, which is big for us!  We got checked in, got taken back to pre-op, talked with our urologist, Dr. Zuniga, and talked with the anesthesiologist, then went back for surgery at 10:30.  I told the anesthesiologist I'd like to go back with her until she feel asleep and he happily obliged.  Some make you put on your tough momma look first, but he said it was my choice and that he was fine with it.  I was so relieved!  I had to wear shoe covers, a full suit, and a hat, so I was pretty styling ;). 

I was so glad I was able to go back with her.  Once we got back to the room she took a look around and said, "Momma, I'm scared!"  I reassured her that everything would be ok, held her hands, and sang to her.  She was out in just a few minutes.  I always hate the part when they start flailing their arms while they are falling asleep and you have to hold them.  I was glad to be the one to be there to do it, though.  I told her I loved her, gave her a kiss, and walked to the waiting area.  Man that walk is rough!  I hate having to leave. 
They came and got me about an hour later to let me know that the surgery went well.  There were no complications or anything during surgery, and Dr. Zuniga was able to quickly accomplish what he needed to.  They were also able to get the IV in her foot, which is always wonderful, since she doesn't feel it there, so it can't hurt/bother her.  He told me there was a temporary tube draining the vesicostomy site that would come out the next day, then warned me that it would be leaking around the tube and not so pretty.  He was right ;). 
When I went back to see Madi she was not a happy camper.  At first she was sleeping, but then she woke up and started crying a lot.  She was angry because I wouldn't take her home and kept hitting me and yelling at me.  They gave her something to calm her down, along with pain medication, and then she fell asleep for a bit in my arms.  After she woke up, I got her to drink some water, eat some snacks, and we got her a movie.  That helped a ton!  We waited in post-op for a bed for quite a while, over 3 hours.  We could have technically left sooner, but there was just no open bed for us yet. 
We finally get settled in a room at almost 4:00 and it was nice to be in a bigger place with a nicer bed.  Madi was really hungry, so we ordered her favorite meal here; gluten-free noodles with marinara sauce and a tiny bit of cheese.  I put on a movie for her and she went to town on her noodles, then all was right in the world again.  We limit tv time at home, so she's in Heaven having it be unlimited here!
Ramya, David, and Conner came to visit, and Madi enjoyed that a lot.  We also had visits from some of our friends; Our friend Leslie and her daughter Riley, Our friend Charles, and our friend Kim, her mom Lynn, and her two little Mayzie and Dutch (Mayzie is a inpatient a few floors down from us and we were happy they let them escape to visit!!).  Madi enjoyed the little gifts they brought her and she also really enjoyed the company.
Madi is recovering pretty well.  I think she feels some pressure/spasming in the bladder, as she tells me she has to go potty and starts getting upset.  This is usually about the time when the pain medication is starting to wear off.  They have her on morphine and/or Tylenol with codeine when it hurts.  We try the Tylenol first (per my request), but then give the "big guns" if that's not enough to help her. 

Tomorrow at 1pm they will start the kidney test.  They will put the dye in her IV (you know, that fun radioactive material ;)), and then 2 hours later, they will see how her kidneys are doing with it.  We also need a modified barium swallow study (for something totally unrelated, but that's a whole different post, and more radioactive material.. woot! ;)) and we are hoping to get that done while we are sitting and waiting for the other test.  After testing, we get to go home... wooooo hoooo!  Oh, she will also get the tube out tomorrow so that the vesicostomy is just open.  It looks a little gnarly right now (I've been changing her gauze, so I see what it looks like under the gauze, and it aint a pretty sight!), but it should start looking a lot better soon.  There is still some blood coming out of the tube, but more urine now.  Madi is sleeping next to me in bed, and I think I'm about to join her.  She seems quite peaceful right now!

We are thankful for the peace we have in knowing that God is in control.  He takes great care of our girl!  A big "thank you" for all of your love and support for Madi and our family during this time.  Your calls, texts, messages, and prayers mean more than you will ever know!  We are so thankful for our village and we love each and every one of you!  I'll update more once we know the results of tomorrows testing. 

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