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Monday, July 8, 2013

A Vesicostomy Update

This Saturday I noticed there wasn't really any urine draining from Madi's vesicostomy site.  It looked a little red to me as well, and there was a hard lump underneath of it, so I was worried that she may have an infection that was blocking her vesicostomy from draining.  I did notice, though, that she was draining/leaking quite fine from her urethra.  Considering she never really leaks, though, because her muscles work very well, I am stumped why/how she is easily leaking.  I don't think it's because of being high pressure, as I'm not getting much urine out if I try cathing, so it shows she is draining.  Today I took her in to the urologist because she still isn't draining from the vesicostomy.  It also looked a bit yucky to me.  Turns out the urologist (we had to see a different one as ours was out of office) actually thinks that the site looks far better than most so shortly after surgery.  He thinks everything looks great and that it is nice and open.  He cathed through it and didn't get much urine out (which is a good thing, it means she's not retaining urine), but was able to cath easily.  He said the reason he thinks it is not draining is because of the swelling that is still there, and that he thinks is actually pretty minimal considering.  He said that the urine will take the path of least resistance, so because of the swelling, it's draining through the urethra instead.  He thinks within a week or so, the urine will start draining through the vesicostomy again. 

Madi still won't take a bath, though she's been cleared to since last week.  She says she'll take a bath when she's not bleeding any more, though she really isn't much at all.  So, for now, I wash her hair in the sink and give her little sponge baths. 

Madi's back to her perky little self.  I keep trying to get her to slow down, but she just won't have it!  She hasn't been in a lot of pain or needed pain medication since last Thursday.  She is recovering really well, and I am so thankful for that! 

Thanks for praying for our little gal, it means so much to us! 

1 comment:

Jill said...

SO happy that she's back to herself and that the dr thinks everything is going normally. I hope the swelling is down very soon and all is well in your mind too. We've been praying for her!