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Friday, May 3, 2013

Stinky Seizure and Summer Fun

This morning did not quite turn out how I anticipated.  At about 3:35 a.m. Madi woke me up by throwing up.  Thank God she was sleeping next to me, or I may not have heard her!  I brought her in the kitchen and the gagging/throwing up wasn't stopping.  I also noticed she was staring off to the right.  Crud.  It was a seizure.  I held her and gave her a dosage of her rescue med (at the new increased dosage) and it didn't stop.  She then moved in to repetitive convulsions in her lower body.  I then gave her a second dosage and the convulsions finally started tapering off and she fell asleep.  I woke her up about 45 minutes later to check on her (per what the doctor told me when I called to ask if we should go in) and she was able to tell me her name and the such.  We moved back to bed and I had her sleep on my chest.  Of course I didn't fall back to sleep too well because I was worried,  but she slept and that is what matters.  When she woke up she was a bit dizzy seeming, shaky, and threw up not too long after being awake, so I thought she may have the flu or something, but after eating she slowly returned to her normal spunky self.  I think maybe all the medication on an empty stomach may have caused the shaking/dizziness/throwing up this morning.  We went to the doctor this afternoon to have her checked out and also to have him look at her right leg, which has seemed to retain some fluids and has been slightly puffy since earlier in the week.  He said to keep her out of her HKFOs and put some heat on it and see what happens.  She has grown, again, and her HKFOs aren't fitting her right, again.  I've noticed her right leg especially popping out.  I think the pressure and reduction in circulation because of how they are fitting is causing some swelling and water retention. Thankfully we have an appointment to get them fixed on Wednesday!   He also checked her urine.  The initial tests didn't show anything too concerning, but they are culturing it.  We are also working on scheduling a head and full spine x-ray to make sure everything looks good there.  I plan to go to bed early tonight and try to get some sleep.  Please pray for no seizures for Madi!  We have a follow up with her neurologist coming up and I have lots of questions for him ;).  I'm also concerned about the fact that she had never seized, ever, until 4 days after having the MMR vaccine.  On the CDC website, ongoing seizures is listed as a rare side effect of the MMR vaccine.  We had gotten the vaccine in hopes of all going to India together, but because of the onset of seizures, that wasn't possible. 

On a positive note, we have been having a blast outside.  The pool is still a little cold, but it doesn't slow the kiddos down at all!  We slightly heat the spa so it's a comfortable temperature, and that helps.  Here are some photos of our pool fun...

Ready for a dip!

Fun in the sun

Cooling down

Our new floaty from Costco... it has a little propeller to push the kiddos gently around the pool and they love it!

In other news, we have something very big weighing on our hearts.  We aren't ready to share the details yet, but please keep us in your prayers as we make some big decisions.  



Unknown said...

well nothing like a little dip in the pool :) we have a pool here as well but it's not set up yet :p, early this morning i went to use the washroom and for some strange reason i lost my balance and i ended up hitting my head on the side of my night stand, lol now i have this weird mark on my head haha oh well, that's what happens when im half asleep :P

Jamie said...

Sorry, Mike, for deleting your comment, but thank you for your kind words and for following our journey!

Mike has left a new comment on your post "Stinky Seizure and Summer Fun":

finding a positive thing from such a experience really shows what type of person you are, strong and optimistic. Seizures are definitely not pleasant experiences and hope that Madi continues to get better as time goes by... Good luck and my prayers are with you.