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Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's Here, and I LOVE it!

I'm on a mission to get the photos in our house updated so that all three of our blessings are in them.  The first was our new canvas in our family room to replace the on of Conner and Madi...

Tonight I picked up our second "big" purchase.  On our wall, we have our kiddos footprints done in plaster and framed.  We wanted something for Ramya as well, so opted to have her hand done.  We used the same person that did Conner and Madi's feet and kept the frames, style, etc... the same.  It came out just perfect and we LOVE it!! 

The plaque says, "Ramya Lynn (insert last name) Forever Ours February 7, 2013" and on the back is the poem "Legacy of an Adopted Child"...

I just love all of the details in her little hand print.  You can see her little fingernails, the lines in her hand, etc... with amazing detail!
We worked with Lorriane at Little Treasures and More for all 3 of our kiddos.  She is always amazing to work with!  Here is a picture of her information just in case anyone is wanting to check her out. 



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Andy and Kiara said...

Wow - I love this! :)